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4 Winning Strategies to Recruit the Best Nurses in 2021

Posted by Louise Weadock, MPH, RN, Founder and CEO-CNO Access Nursing on Dec 22, 2020 12:15:00 PM

One of 2020’s biggest stories has been the growing shortage of nurses throughout the U.S. The demand for nurses has exploded due to a number of factors:  COVID-19, an aging population and more people living longer with chronic diseases. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the nursing field is “growing faster than the average of all occupations and the employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 7 percent by 2029.”

Finding the “best” nursing talent takes dedicated experience, especially during a shortage. We have found that attracting the highest quality professional has a lot to do with a recruiter’s reputation and standing in the industry. With five city-center offices and seven hospital-based offices, along with our 35 years in business, ACCESS Nursing Services enjoys a reputation as a leading regional provider of healthcare personnel to individual patients and prestigious healthcare systems.  We now employ more than 2,000 RNs, LPNs, Assistants, Techs and Phlebotomists to work within every clinical setting. 

Here are our  Top 4 Ways to Recruit the Best Nurses:

    1. Foster a Culture of Teamwork: Creating and maintaining a culture of collaboration, a sense of belonging and a feeling of being valued is an important way to attract the best nurses.  Team ACCESS values passion for our jobs and those we care for. By creating an ACCESS  “family” culture, we have long-term relationships with the vast majority of our nurses, aides and caregivers.  
    2. Offer a Flexible Work Schedule: Since our employees have chosen to work in healthcare, we know that nurses often put caring for others before their own needs. Although we love this passion, we don’t want our nurses to be overworked and we understand that there are other obligations in everyone’s personal lives. That’s why we make sure to accommodate everyone’s scheduling and location needs.
    3. Recognize High Performers: Acknowledging the hard work and accomplishments of our top nurses is an important part of our long-term relationships with the best nurses in the field.  We offer a rewards program, incentives, prizes and events to show how much we appreciate our nurses.
    4. Referral Rewards: Asking your top nurses for referrals of friends, family members and colleagues is one of the best ways to find nursing talent. In addition, asking if they can share the name of someone that they’ve worked with in the past and whose skills they admire, is another effective way to find experienced nurses.  We offer great incentives and referral bonuses to any of our nurses who can help us find the best of the best. 

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