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It’s now time to learn new ways to stay healthy throughout the cold winter season.



This week’s deep freeze has left many of us stuck with an annoying case of the sniffles. It’s now time to learn new ways to stay healthy throughout the cold winter season. With all the holidays, parties and family fun coming up in a few weeks starting with Thanksgiving, our health can often end up on the back burner. So, try to move your health needs up to the top of your list and try out our six ways to stay healthy this winter: 

  1. Get Your Flu Shot
    We can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting your influenza vaccine as soon as possible. The flu shot is key to warding off the flu or at least reducing the severity of flu symptoms. You need to get the flu shot each year to get protection against the three to four viruses that will be most common this season. 

  2. Wash Your Hands
    It may sound like a simple act, but frequent and proper handwashing throughout the day is a must! Maintaining proper hand hygiene helps to protect your immune system, which can help prevent the flu and common colds from developing.

  3. Take Your Vitamins
    We all know the importance of vitamins year-round, but especially in the winter. Taking vitamin C during the winter months helps to combat the cold and flu. You can take Vitamin D to help supplement the lack of daylight during the winter but be sure to remember that there is winter sun and it is still very important to get outside when weather allows. 

  4. Sleep
    During the winter it is normal for your body to need more sleep. There are fewer hours of daylight and your body may get tired earlier than in the summer months of constant sun. Take the time to go to bed earlier in the evening and allow yourself to get the sleep your body needs. 

  5. Remember the Importance of Mental Health
    The winter can often be a depressing time for many people. Be sure to stay in tune with your emotions and focus on yourself and check in with your neighbors, loved ones and friends. 

  6. Relax
    Relaxing and carving out quiet time for yourself is key to mental and physical health. If possible, plan a vacation (hopefully somewhere warm to enjoy some time in the sun!).  

These suggestions can be integrated into your daily life for year-round good health! 

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