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Looking for A Job in Nursing? Here's What It Takes to Land Your Dream Job


There’s no better time than now to find a great job in nursing. The field is booming! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing jobs will increase by 26 percent by 2020.  There are now more jobs to fill than are qualified nurses. So, if you have the education and training, as well as the right qualifications -- your chances of landing a job with an excellent salary are extremely high.

According to Louise Weadock, CNO/CEO of ACCESS Nursing Services, “Determination, organization and purpose are all key factors for someone looking to go into nursing."

The other key qualities you’ll need to land a great job in nursing, says Weadock, are:

  1. You are willing to accept what is out of your control and learn to work with what is in your control.
  2. You are flexible and able to switch gears if necessary.
  3. You are very organized and pay attention to details.
  4. Your key character traits include a high level of professionalism, kindness, caring, reliability, empathy and compassion.
  5. You have strong communication skills that enable you to work well with patients and physicians.
  6. You can solve and identify problems involving patient care and workplace routines and protocols.
  7. You have great time management skills to perform many tasks and care for multiple patients.
  8. You are a team player and can manage care along with physicians, specialists, caregivers, the patient and his/her family.

For more information and tips, and to find a great job in the nursing field, contact ACCESS Nursing Services is the leading regional provider of healthcare personnel to individual patients and prestigious healthcare systems throughout New York, New Jersey and Maryland.  Locations include five city-center offices and seven hospital-based offices employing more than 2,000 caregivers.

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