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ACCESS Nursing Celebrates National Nurses Week by Honoring its Network of Nurses

Posted by David Coonin on May 11, 2018 2:08:00 PM

National nursing and healthcare service company embraces new technology and advocates for top-down change to improve the lives of nurses

 National Nurses Week: May 6-13 and May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, founder of nursing as a modern profession -- is celebrated at Access Nursing Services with a host of activities, events and giveaways aiming to honor its network of nurses.

 “National Nurses Week is an important time to focus our attention and to honor nurses2 nurses who give so much of their time, their emotions and themselves each and every day to save lives and improve the health of millions of people,” says Louise Weadock, MPS, RN, founder and CEO of ACCESS Nursing Services, a national full-service nursing and healthcare service company for over 30 years.  

Weadock adds, “As the employer of several thousand nurses in any given week, beyond this week of celebration, I consider it both my duty and privilege to recognize nurses in meaningful ways that continue to improve their lives long after the celebration.”

With almost 3 million registered nurses in the U.S. today, Weadock reports that nurses currently make up one of the largest segments of workers in healthcare and that the role nurses now play has been greatly expanded in keeping with the constantly changing and more complicated healthcare needs of people who now live longer, and the many who live with chronic diseases. 

As part of National Nurses Week, Weadock is proud of the following programs for nursing professionals at ACCESS Nursing:

  • The theme of this year’s National Nurses Week is "Nurses: Inspire, Innovate, Influence." Our nurses at ACCESS not only inspire, innovate and influence their patients, but everyone around them feels inspired by their willingness to go the extra mile. 
  • ACCESS is empowering nurses with new opportunities by embracing the latest advances in technology, including high-tech patient risk assessment tools, tablet-based apps providing remote nurse calls, video visits and patient monitoring. By staying on the cutting edge of these developments, ACCESS has created an adaptive and innovative care model, giving nurses the flexibility to keep up with a rapidly changing world.

  • ACCESS recently launched myCareGPS, a Cloud-Based Software for Care Coordination, Transitional and Chronic Care Management and Patient Engagement. myCareGPS strives to keep all providers on the same page with real time data via wearable bio-medical devices that are designed to deliver the most effective and responsive patient care.

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