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Can Doctors Take a Winter Vacation without Jeopardizing Patient Care?

Posted by David Coonin on Dec 26, 2019 7:00:00 AM

male-nurse-istock_620x350Everyone deserves a vacation – even a doctor, who is relied upon by so many for their consistent care and for directing your medications. Whether you are a patient or a physician, a doctor’s vacation needs to be planned well in advance. Taking a week or two off for any physician or specialist can be extremely complicated for everyone involved.

So, what do you do if you are the patient in need of consistent care?
And, what can the doctor do who has a full caseload and is concerned about how to manage patients who need to have regular visits and care?
Here are 3 key ways to ensure that both patient and doctor have peace-of-mind during the time of the doctor’s well-deserved vacation:
  1. Have your Care Coordination Plan in Place. As with any time of year, having an effective patient care management tool is essential for the care coordination process to be successful. Especially when caring for senior patients, consistency in care is critical in managing multiple medications, testing and care.
  2. Rely on Resources that Ensure Effective Communication between all parties involved, including the doctor and patient, as well as families and care providers.  It is extremely important for everyone to be aware of appointments and medications, and to watch for any changes or medical concerns.
  3. Enlist the Help of a Reputable Health Care Services Company to offer continued nursing and caregiving support, along with other healthcare services. Choose a healthcare staffing agency that is well-established, has been in business for decades with a proven record of experience, and has been thoroughly vetted by top physician groups, healthcare organizations and hospitals.

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