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COVID-19 Anniversary: Can You Believe It’s Been One Year?!

It was March 11, 2020 when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. One year later, the world is a different place. We still stay six feet apart from one another and wear masks, but there are now tests and vaccines to help stop the virus from spreading. There is an end in sight and it has been quite a journey. Here are some of the key markers of our year-long (and counting) pandemic journey.  

  1. Nurses are Hailed as Heroes! From the start of the pandemic, people infected with the virus inundated hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities. Nurses and other healthcare workers became stretched beyond their limits, and many also became sick themselves, creating a severe nursing shortage. A COVID Care Force, made up of 2,500 RNs and PAs , was then organized by Louise Weadock, founder of ACCESS Nursing. The COVID Care Force helped wherever nurses were needed, especially in hospital ICUs, nursing homes and at COVID-19 testing sites throughout New York City, Westchester County, and New Jersey.
  2. Finding a COVID Test and Waiting a Week or More for Results. Although the health experts repeatedly stated that testing would be the key to ending the pandemic, COVID-19 tests have been very difficult to acquire. Long lines of masked people at testing sites were a regular occurrence and once tested, results often took more than a week. Now, you can order online Do-It-Yourself In-Home Rapid Tests, that will be mailed to you and are easy to use. Results for if you have COVID-19 are shown in just 10 minutes.
  3. Reopening Businesses: Health guidelines for a business to reopen have been mostly confusing to HR professionals and business owners who may not be health professionals. Figuring out how to screen your employees and keep them from getting sick and infecting one another became a challenge to overcome. That’s where COVID screening companies, like COVID Clear Services, stepped up to help, setting up pop-up testing sites staffed by a team of clinicians at the business’ location.

    ACCESS Nursing Services is a leading regional provider of healthcare personnel to individual patients, as well as prestigious healthcare systems throughout New York and New Jersey. With more than 2,000 private duty nurses; RNs, LPNs, Aides and caregivers in five city-center offices and seven hospital-based offices, ACCESS Nursing also offers Concierge Care Private Nursing service, providing premier care at home or in a hotel room, rehab facility, mountain or beach sanctuary, etc. Throughout its 35-year history, ACCESS Nursing has been a driving force in care, especially during the AIDS epidemic, SARS, MERSA, 911, Swine flu, Ebola and H1N1 -- and now stands at the forefront of the COVID crisis.

     To find out about job opportunities, please visit our website. To order COVID-19 tests for your family, business, or event, visit the COVID Clear Services website.