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Honoring Nurses: The Career Journey of a Lifetime



Nurses have become a growing force within the healthcare industry.   Today’s nurse plays a critical role in patient management and care coordination. In fact, recent studies show that nurses now perform tasks that have been traditionally done by doctors.

Says Louise Weadock, president and CEO of ACCESS Nursing and myCareGPS, "As the nation stops to honor nurses this week for “National Nurses Week,” it’s important to focus on the changed role of the nursing profession, including all the new demands of an aging population, longer shifts and advanced medical technologies.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016, there were nearly three million nurses working in the U.S, and this number is expected to rise to 15 percent by 2026. “It’s vital that we find ways to prepare our rising nurses for this increasingly demanding, yet very exciting and evolving environment, including having an understanding of all the new technology available to improve patient care management and outcomes.,” says Weadock.

She added, “Today’s nurses provide essential patient bedside care, often during 12-hour shifts, and with a growing expectation for them to take on more technical and leadership responsibilities, as well as act as an advocate for their patients.”

“Nurses have long been called ‘the heart of healthcare,’ but today that’s more true than ever before,” says Weadock. “Along with their dedication to providing the very best possible care for patients, the role of today’s nurse has expanded and is more central to overall patient care planning and management than ever before.”

Weadock predicts that the role of the ‘nurse’ will “continue to evolve in a world that becomes more digital by the day, as well as more centered on providing quality health care. This means that there’s a wealth of great new opportunities out there and the career journey for a nurse has become the adventure of a lifetime.”

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