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Managing Pain Post Surgery: You Don’t Have to Be in Excruciating Pain!


What’s Normal and What’s Not When It Comes to Post-Surgery Pain

Recovering from any surgery involves pain and discomfort. The hospital’s teams are experts in pain management and are there to help you reduce your discomfort so that you can recover more quickly and easily. Although your doctors, nurses and care team are there to help -- pain management begins with you. It is imperative to help the hospital staff help you by making them aware of your pain, including location, intensity and any changes. A pain scale is used to help hospital staff gauge your pain level and then, plan your treatment. You will be asked to rate your pain on a scale of 1-10. 

Here are the different causes of post-surgery pain:

  • Nociceptive Pain -- Acute pain caused by damage to tissue, including muscle, bone, skin, or organs. Similar to the pain you feel when you bang your foot, the pain improves with healing.
  • Neuropathic pain is caused by damage to nerve cells caused by surgical damage to a nerve during brain head or spinal surgery.

According to Louise Weadock, president and CEO of ACCESS Nursing Services, “Pain after surgery is completely normal.  Don’t be a hero. Be sure to take the pain medication prescribed for you. It is there to make your pain more tolerable and will actually help with recovery since you will have more mobility. As the tissues and cells repair, each day you will feel less pain.  However, if your pain increases or is unmanageable, please contact your surgeon.”

Having the proper treatment plan post-surgery for pain control is an extremely important part of your post-surgery care and recovery. Engaging a nurse or caregiver to insure you are getting the "proper amount of exercise, water intake and protien diet" can be the critical success strategy for your recivery. Each patient’s experience is different and communication with your nurse is key to keeping your pain at bay. The goal is always to have patients take an active role in the recovery process. 

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