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National Caregivers Month: How to Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Posted by ACCESS Nursing Services on Nov 11, 2021 2:00:00 PM

November is National Caregivers Month, a time to recognize and honor caregivers for their dedication, care, and compassion for others.

Long hours combined with the many demands of caregiving can often produce burnout and exhaustion. The following 6 tips are some of the ways caregivers can prevent burnout:

  1. Set realistic expectations - Break up large tasks into smaller ones that you can do one at a time. Prioritize your duties by making lists and establishing a daily routine. 
  2. Take micro-breaks - Just a 5-minute time out can go a long way. This can even be taking two extra minutes in the bathroom to visualize yourself somewhere relaxing or doing some deep breathing exercises. Incorporating moments of gratitude and words of affirmation into your day will calm you down and bring you back to reality.
  3. Accept help - Don’t let your to-do list add to your stress. If someone offers to pick up your groceries or run an errand for you, let them do it. There is no reason to feel guilty for accepting someone’s offer to help you.
  4. Focus on all the wonderful things you are doing - It's normal to feel guilty sometimes, but understand that no one is a "perfect" caregiver. Believe that you are doing the best you can and that the work you are doing is making a difference in someone’s life.
  5. Prioritize your personal health - It’s common for caregivers to have sleep issues. Therefore, set goals to establish a healthy sleep routine. Find time to be physically active, eat a healthy diet, and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  6. Seek support - A support group can provide validation and encouragement, as well as helpful strategies for caregiving. People in support groups understand what you may be going through, and it can be a good place to create meaningful friendships. In addition, stay connected with family and friends who can offer nonjudgmental emotional support. Also, try to set aside personal time each week, even if it's just a walk with a friend.

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