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New York’s COVID-19 Guidelines are Changing: What You Need to Know to Stay COVID Clear This July 4th Holiday Weekend

New York State announced that most restrictions on businesses and social gatherings are now lifted. This decision was made as New York reached a milestone, more than 70 percent of adults in the state have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. This announcement, right at the start of the summer season, leaves everyone wondering: when and where do I need to continue taking COVID-19 safety precautions, especially if vaccinated?

Although many restrictions have been lifted, some rules remain the same. Here are the latest NY Guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated people broken down, so you can decide which activities are the safest for you to partake on this 4th of July:

 Which Guidelines Changed?

  • Social Distancing: state-mandated social distancing is no longer in effect, but private businesses can still enforce these policies.
  • Capacity limits: Bars and restaurants are allowed to operate at 100 percent capacity and remain open post-midnight.

 Which Guidelines Stayed the Same?

  • Federal Mask Mandate: New Yorkers must continue wearing masks in schools, on public transportation, at large sports arenas, and in hospitals and nursing homes. Unvaccinated New Yorkers must still adhere to the mask mandate while indoors in public places.
  • Health Screenings/COVID Testing: Individual businesses, event venues, hotels, airlines, and other public transportation can still require health screenings/COVID testing to ensure that all occupants are COVID-19 negative.

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