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Summer for Seniors: You're Never Too Old to Enjoy Summer Fun


Follow These Simple Guidelines to Help Make Your Elderly Loved One’s Summer the Best One Yet

Although older adults can be more prone to heat-related health problems during the
hot summer months, they can still enjoy all or most of the activities they’ve always
loved by following these simple guidelines:

Take all Precautions to Avoid Excessive Sun and Heat Exposure by:
  • Avoiding direct sun exposure
  • Planning outdoor activities for early in the morning or late in the afternoon
    or evening
  • Staying hydrated and always having plenty of water and thirst-quenching
    drinks on hand
  • Making sure to wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and avoiding
    the darker colors
  • that can absorb the heat. In addition, always remember to wear a
    broad-brimmed hat.
  • Applying and reapplying sunscreen to all exposed skin, as well as insect repellent to keep bugs away.
  • Making sure to apply washcloths soaked with cool water to wrists, ankles
    and neck when feeling overheated.

Find the Shade and Bring a Folding Chair to Games and Events
Whether it’s a grandchild’s soccer game or a Major League Baseball Game, the joy of attending sporting and other outside events is what summertime is all about. Always look for a shaded area and bring a folding chair to secure a cool and comfortable spot.

Go for a Swim
If your loved one is able to handle a swim, the pool can be a wonderful place to unwind and relax, while providing a low impact workout. For those who can’t handle the swimming aspect just dipping your feet in the water can provide relief from tension and stress.

Don’t Miss Out on Fun Community Events
The summer months are filled with community parades, fireworks and fairs. Check out what there is to do in your community by looking online or picking up the local newspaper. Head to a weekend farmers markets, car show, concert or whatever wonderful events your town is offering.

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