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The CDC’s Guidelines are Changing: What You Need to Know to Stay COVID Clear This Summer

The CDC announced a new mask mandate. People no longer need to wear a mask outside if alone or with family, whether you are vaccinated or not. This new mandate leaves people wondering, where should the line be drawn between safe and unsafe activities for vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike?

Experts are still urging everyone to adhere to the CDC guidelines for protecting yourself and others in public. As of now, 47.7% of New Yorkers have been vaccinated and although research is starting to indicate that the COVID-19 virus is a seasonal virus, there is no evidence that the disease vanishes during the summer. Here are the precautions you need to adhere to for a COVID-free summer:


  • Know When to Wear Your Mask: The CDC outlines which activities are safest for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people. When deciding which activities are best for your situation based on your vaccination status, consider the number of people participating in the activity and the location of the activity. For example, it is safe for a fully vaccinated individual to dine at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households without a mask. However, an unvaccinated individual would need to wear a mask.


  • Take Advantage of the Nice Weather: Although vaccinated people can participate in some indoor activities without high levels of risk, spending time outdoors is still considered to be the safest way to socialize. In addition, exercising can boost immunity and make the vaccines more effective. So, planning a family walk or hike would be beneficial for all.


  • Get Tested: Getting tested for COVID-19 is still one of the key ways to stop the spread of the virus. It is also a requirement now for travel or to attend a public event. If you are experiencing symptoms, or believe you may have been exposed to the virus it is essential to get tested before socializing with others, regardless of your vaccination status.

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