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Thousands of U.S. Nurses Join ACCESS Nursing COVID-19 Care Force to Fill Void in Testing, Hospitals and Home Care


ACCESS Nursing COVID-19 Care Force Nationwide Recruitment of RNs and PAs to Provide Care at the “Front Lines” for COVID Patients and to Save Lives   

Demand for Home Care Increases as Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces “Dramatic Trend-Line in People Being Discharged from Hospitals to Continue  Recovery at Home 

MARCH 30, 2020, NY – A team of 2,500 RNs and PAs from all across the U.S have been deployed throughout New York City, Westchester County and New Jersey to staff COVID-19 testing sites, hospital ICUs, nursing homes and to provide home nursing care for the rapidly growing number of COVID-19 patients now being released from hospitals to continue their recovery at home.  The COVID Care Force (ACCESS COVID Care Force) continues to become the “Call to Arms” movement of nurses recruited, organized and led by ACCESS Nursing Services to join the front-line fight to save lives and fight the volatile COVID-19 virus that has already inundated the healthcare system in the NY/NJ Metro area.   

Says Louise Weadock, RN, CCM,  ACCESS Nursing founder from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: “ACCESS Nursing has been flooded with requests for ICU, ER, OR, SW, Floor Units, Rehab, as well as nursing homes and families in the community and requests from hospital systems, community-based organizations and largecorporations to fill the enormous need for nurses to triage and test.  We’ve been working around the clock to support these requests, so ACCESS COVID Care Force of experienced and credentialed RNs, PAs, SWS and Aides stand ready and available to care and deliver any clinical support services needed during this time of high alert.”  

Weadock reports that the ACCESS COVID Care Force teams are currently providing essential nursing care, joining most of the top New York City hospital ICU teams in all five boroughs, as well as in geriatric facilities and other ICU settingsthroughout the entire NY/NJ Metro Area. She added that the demand for her homecare nurses is now burgeoning as the hospital discharge phase” has ramped up. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced at his press conference on Monday that the hospitalization rates have reduced in New York with discharge numbers trending up.  He reported that there are 66,497 cases in New York overall that have tested positive, 9,517 in hospitals, 2,352 ICU patients, and 4,204 patients have been discharged from hospitals so far 

“You see a trend-line in people being discharged and this is a dramatic trend-line and now you’re seeing the discharge number trend upward, says Cuomo.  “This discharge rate keeps going up. Most people go into the hospital, stay for a number of days, and then they move on.” 

Says Weadock, “ACCESS is known for specializing in nursing care that effectively transitions patients from hospitals to home – and now this expertise is more critical than ever as we begin to see a notable increase in COVID hospital patients being discharged to recover at home,” she said. “We already know each of the hospital’s physicians and protocols and are equipped and experienced to facilitate a smooth transition to home for patients to make a full recovery,” she added.   

In addition to the ACCESS COVID Care Force, Weadock’s company, ACCESS Nursing Services, has been actively donating PPE (Personal Protective Equipment, including masks, gowns and helmets) to hospitals and health care facilities. ACCESS Nursing is also providing housing in apartments and hotels for the out-of-state nurses that have joined the ACCESS COVID Care Force. All ACCESS COVID healthcare workers have been screened for COVID-19 and wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) according to CDC guidelines.  

For more information about immediate RN and PA availability, email  Nurses and health professionals interested in becoming part of ACCESS’ COVID Care Force team, can apply online at, select COVID Care Position locations of your interest; or email

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