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Top 3 Reasons for Choosing Concierge Nursing as a Career

Are you thinking about becoming a Concierge Nurse? If you haven’t yet, you should! For seasoned RNs, there are many exceptional opportunities now available. With more patients choosing to recover from a surgery or illness in the comfort of their own homes instead of in a hospital or another medical facility (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic), Concierge Care nurses are in the highest demand.

Aside from the great pay and benefits, there are many key advantages to becoming a Concierge Care Nurse. Here are our Top 3:


  1. Great Opportunities to Work from Wonderful Locations: Concierge Care packages offer patients the freedom to choose their recovery location. It can be in their own home, or any other location, including a hotel, beach resort or any other scenic place. Concierge Care nurses are presented with opportunities to work in exciting new settings other than a hospital or rehab facility, something that is not always an option for RNs.


  1. Positive Impact on Mental Health (for both You and Your Patient!): Concierge Care nurses focus on the care of just one patient at a time, reducing the risk of feeling stretched between numerous patients, and offering a rare opportunity to provide their patient with a holistic care approach. Concierge Care nurses strive to “support the recovery goals and mind-body healing of their patients,” explains Louise Weadock, founder of ACCESS Nursing Services. This type of care and healing has proven to expedite the recovery process.


  1. Building Better Relationships with Better Outcomes: Since the Concierge Care nurse is devoted to just one patient at a time, you’ll be mostly focused on carrying out their care plan and working closely with their physicians and specialists. This knowledge and consistency will result in a better health outcome for your patient.

 ACCESS Nursing Services is currently recruiting seasoned RNs to join its growing Concierge Care team. Visit the ACCESS Nursing Services website for more information.