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Why You Should Hire a Private Duty Nurse For Your Hospital Stay

Whether you’re heading to the hospital for that surgery you’ve been putting off or you’re in the ER after a trip over a curb and now in need of surgery – it’s been suggested that you consider hiring a Private Duty Nurse. But you’re wondering if a Private Duty Nurse is a necessary expense… What about the hospital floor nurses? What can a Private Duty Nurse do for you that you can’t get with a regular floor nurse?

 In a nutshell, Private duty nurses are RNs, LPNs, and CNAs that provide one-on-one care and peace of mind for their patients, as well as act as their advocate during the hospital stay. They are trained to provide specialized services, manage multiple diagnoses and medications, and they can transition with you back to your home, if requested, with the goal of restoring independence and allowing patients to resume their lives safely after a medical procedure.

 Also to note, nurses in hospitals throughout the U.S. are currently stretched beyond their limits amidst a record-breaking RN shortage and an overwhelming pandemic. Nurses are now tasked with caring more intensely for many more patients, which can be especially problematic since your rate of rehabilitation and recovery after surgery is often dependent upon your commitment to engage in a post-hospital strategy.

Here’s what you can expect from a Private Duty Nurse. He/she will:


  1. Encourage sensory hydration and cognition, balance and physical abilities
  2. Support ambulation and caring for personal care needs
  3. Lower risk of infection or contagion; minimize “traffic” in your room
  4. Answer all your questions, help you to make a “Post Hospital Plan”
  5. Ensure your medication routine is met
  6. Help you safely and quickly adapt to any physical change in your function
  7. Transfer all rehabilitation exercises
  8. Go with you to the doctor, interpret what the doctor says and suggest ways in which you can Bounce Back faster.

 Private nursing is especially recommended by doctors and nurse managers for those patients who have a diagnosis that includes:


  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Post-operative Delirium,
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • MS, ALS, Paraplegia
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Falls Risk


ACCESS Nursing Services founder and CNO, Louise Weadock, RN,MPH explains that there are numerous cases where a private duty nurse is critical, especially when you are at risk of falling, or are experiencing confusion, as well as if you have dementia or Alzheimer’s, need exclusive attention or require real time information about your condition, and continuity of nursing care at home. Engaging a Private Duty Nurse can be crucial for those patients who are not able to wait for a nurse to come to their room when they need them and are looking for the comfort and security of knowing that they are constantly being monitored and that their medical needs are continuously being met.

 Weadock highlights these Key Benefits of Hiring a Private Duty Nurse for Your Hospital Stay:


  1. Same Nurse from Hospital to Home: A private duty nurse will transition with you if requested. This will allow for a smoother transition, as patients get to continue their already established care plan and routine with a nurse who they have already built a trusting relationship.


  1. Specialized Nursing: A specialized private duty nurse is experienced with physician protocols. They can offer daily care and companionship while making sure that their patient is adhering to the doctor’s care plan that was established at the hospital.


  1. Personalized Care Plan: Private duty personal nurses offer dedicated 24/7 care anywhere. The accommodating nature of these healthcare professionals is important when caring for someone who has just had an operation or any other medical procedure that requires exclusive, experienced attention during the recovery process.

 ACCESS Nursing Services provides exclusive premium care during hospital stays and throughout the recovery process. New York-Presbyterian Hospitals including Weill Cornell Medical Center, Columbia University Hospital, Allen Hospital, Lawrence Hospital, Lower Manhattan Hospital as well as NYU Langone Orthopedic, the Mt. Sinai Hospital System, and Lenox Hill Hospital are all working with ACCESS Nursing Services to provide in-patient private duty care.

Submit a request for a private duty service to discuss the options that are best suited for your specific needs.