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It’s World Kindness Day: Our Top 6 Kindness Moments of 2020

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World Kindness Day takes place every year on November 13. But this year is a particularly special one with a new type of “kindness hero” that’s emerged: teachers, supermarket cashiers, mail carriers… nurses!

2020 has been called the “Year of the Nurse” and for good reason. In the midst of a pandemic, nurses and other healthcare workers have put their own health at risk to save the lives of others. Their countless acts of selfless kindness and compassion are “contagious” and have inspired all of us at ACCESS Nursing Services each and every day.

Here are our Top 6 ACCESS Nursing Acts of Kindness of the year (although we still have 6 weeks to go!):

1) Once the pandemic hit, Louise Weadock, ACCESS Nursing CEO and veteran nurse, ran towards the frontlines and hasn’t turned back since. In her 45 years in healthcare, she has stood at the forefront of the AIDS Epidemic, SARS, MERSA, 911, Swine Flu, Ebola, H1N1 and now COVID-19. Leveraging her decades of knowledge, experience and skill combined with her determination, courage and compassion – the work Louise has done this year for COVID-19 has led to saving thousands of lives. In fact, Louise has been honored and recognized for her heroic efforts with awards from Crain’s NY Business and 914Inc/Westchester Magazine.

2) The COVID Care Force of 1,500 nurses recruited by ACCESS Nursing was a tour de force in helping hospitals overloaded with sick patients and managing their care with a shortage of nurses stretched beyond their limits. “These (nurses) are humans with hearts. These are humans with kids and families and homes that they can’t take care of right now because they have such a hardwired heart to care, they have to go out into this storm. It’s just… that’s how they’re wired,” explains Louise Weadock in a Healthline article.

3) Reassuring parents and a frightened public in fear of the unknown as the pandemic hit, became a crusade for Louise Weadock. Too often, the mental health issues that emerged and the greatly increased anxiety due to an unpredicted and unprecedented COVID-19 virus, had been forgotten or set aside.

4) “Caring for those who care:” we created the COVID Couch online support group to offer kindness and care to the many nurses struggling with depression and anxiety.

5) From donating blood to those in need to donating food and flowers to frontline workers at hospitals, including Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, our team worked tirelessly to fill voids wherever they found one!

6) When the lockdown lifted and businesses were challenged with reopening and creating their own health screening programs, we launched a COVID Clear testing and tracking service to help and support the reopening of schools and businesses.

We are always seeking kind, caring, highly experienced professionals to join our ACCESS Nursing Services team of RNs, LPNs, CNAs, HHAs, etc. For more information, or email:


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